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"The Majolica technique traditionally starts with the application of a tin oxide based glaze. This produces a white opaque surface onto which an unlimited range of colors may be applied in the form of natural oxides. 


This glaze is applied to either bisque fired clay or pre-fired clay (such as pre-fired tiles from a Builder's Supply store). From this point on,

only one additional firing is required!

In Majolica, a single tin based glaze forms the surface on which an unlimited range of colors may be applied. (In other techniques, different colored glazes are required to achieve a varied palette of colors.) With Majolica, however,

colors are created by use of natural colored oxides applied OVER the

tin based glaze. When fired, these colored oxides fuse with the

tin based glaze, making a permanent surface." 


Oxides are brushed in varying degrees of intensity onto the glazed

tile surface, as if painting with watercolors upon a sheet of paper. After application of the colored oxides, the tile will be ready for the final firing. 



Remember, if using pre-fired tiles, this is a "one fire" operation!

(Of course, if you are making your own tiles from wet clay,

the tiles must be bisque fired first.)

With the Majolica technique, firing is normally done at cone O6 to 08

(temps of 1600 to 1800+ degrees F). 


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