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TWIN MATES - Clay horse mates
Each: (14" x 15" x 4")  (36 cm x 39 cm x 11 cm)

NEWSLETTER: August 15, 2009
The Art of The Horse
 This News Letter - our second issue - offers insight to the creation and development of a multi-media presentation on "The Art of The Horse". This project will show that the horse has served as inspiration for artists since the dawn of history. It will also include horses created by Frank Colson over the past six decades. 

The project begins with a video of ancient horses painted on cave walls in Lascaux, France in prehistoric times. Lascaux is one of the great marvels of the world, for it consists of murals and carvings which nature had preserved for 17,000 years.  When thousands of people crowded to see the newly discovered caves, algae and bacteria invaded the rock walls.




Regrettably, it became necessary to seal off the caves to the general public in 1963.   These are the only available images of the most famous of prehistoric caves.  These are the earliest records of the horse as artistic inspiration.

(Tip of the day)
As a kid, I would melt and pour my own lead soldiers.  Then, later, when I first did raku with Hal Rigger, in the early 60's, using lead based glazes, I heard something about it being nasty!  So, in the early 70's, when I had a handmade tile operation, in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, of course all we used was lead glazes for those thousand, plus, tiles, we pressed every day!  Several national and international conferences after that, where I often did demos, I learned - Guess What? Lead in any form was a NO NO!  Those were the days when one filled up the gas tank in the car with lead based gasoline while sniffing the fumes!  And those were the days when babies would teeth on lead based paint on their cribs, and it was DANGEROUS!

Eventually, I learned a great deal about lead poisoning in my adventures with potters and ceramic artists. I learned early in my career that a lead glazed pitcher filled with fresh orange juice and left in the frig overnight could put a person in the hospital in one day.  I also learned that lead getting into my body, gradually, would take about 30 years to kill me!  The death certificate usually states that it was due to pneumonia that the patient died because lead had broken down the immune system in the body.  So!  I should be DEAD by now!  SO?  Well, I also learned very interestingly; the human body cannot, does not, flush lead out when there is caffeine in the system.  It isn't actually caffeine itself, but an ingredient in caffeine which is responsible for the lead not being flushed out of the body.  I have volumes of material on this subject from those learning's.  That includes a receipt made of white vinegar and liver of sulfur which, if poured onto a glazed vessel, or bowl, will identify if there is lead in the glaze!  So, now this is my testimonial- I quit consuming anything with caffeine to this day!  Coffee, tea, Coke, chocolate cake, etc. etc.  Do I fudge occasionally?  To be honest, yes!  But, very very rarely.

To your good lead free health, may you never die of pneumonia  but with a smile on your face! Talk about a silent killer!  Yuk!

Frank Colson


A word about Frank Colson: Frank Colson initiated research, construction, and development in the field of kiln building and sculpture casting more than 3 decades ago!

He published a book by Prentice Hall in 1975: “Kiln Building with Space Age Materials” which became the definitive source of information on the use of “Ceramic Fibers” in kiln construction today! For an in-depth study on Frank Colson, go to

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It will be the endeavor of these Newsletters to provide:

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