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How To Make Your Own Portable Metal Melting Furnace.



Freddy Cookin' it up! 2005

"Actually I am a portable one-person furnace. There are two, count em, TWO important factors that contribute to the portability of me, Freddie M. Furnace! For one thing, I am relatively small in size and, I only weigh about l0 pounds. This kind of portability is not usually found in your ordinary melt furnaces! I can be operated in areas normally used for other activities, such as picnics, patios, and playing horseshoes.

I, Freddie Melt Furnace, am virtually brickless! I am covered entirely in ceramic fiber insulation, which allows heat to build up at shriekfest levels, allowing you to start your melt at supersonic speed! (Ceramic fiber is the same insulating material, which protects space shuttles from going up in flames upon re-entry to mother earth, so you can see its pretty cool stuff!)

Freddie, "ready for take off!"

I am made up of three components, just like my brother in-law, Rocky. These are: my heat chamber, my forced-air burner, and of course, the fuel that keeps me going.





Portable Metal Melting Furnace