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Would you think that I am just blowing smoke to tell you that you can do Raku in a blow-away kiln that weighs less than your average feline friend? In less time than it takes to pop a CD into your audio system, you can be cruising at 15 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

I'm talking in 30 seconds or less! 


Well, here's the gig! Right in front of your very eyes you can download all the necessary info, including cartoon illustrations, instructions, and an international suppliers list. You can have your own feather-weight portable Raku kiln in no time flat! Snoop Doggy Dogg would still be rapping in that kind of time, believe me! Even better, after you're finished, you can stash it in your closet or car! Rocky Raku will show you how.


Sample of "Rocky" pages

Okay! So you're wondering, "What's the scoop?" Well, you gotta think different with this one!

Rocky Raku allows you to load your kiln flameless every time.

Instead of a preheated kiln, you place your ware into an inactive chamber and fire up! In 15 to 30 seconds you're cruising at glaze meltdown. When ready, shut hot blast of flame in your face, no singed eyebrows, just a glowing, hot flash, allowing you a quick, easy, flameless tong pull. Operating Rocky results in the same effect on your pottery as traditional kilns, without excessive fuel consumption and long heating periods.

Frank and Rocky with a student @ Venice Art Center in Venice, Fl.

I can show you in no time flat how to put all of this together as a working portable Raku kiln! You see, I wrote a book on doing all this back in the '70's called "Kiln Building with Space Age Materials"! Prentice Hall was the publisher, but darn, if it isn't out of print now! So, I've updated all the good stuff you're missing and I'm offering it to you here and now on the Web!

Yep, you can print out the eManual right now!  In minutes you will have your own personal Raku kiln building manual! Of course, if you want to do different kinds of firing, or melt metal, or pour glass with this, that's cool, too! 

Below are examples of three bowls that recently went through the raku experience with "ROCKY".

Raku Bowls from the ArtCenter Sarasota, Fl. 2005

Here is all you need to do to get "ROCKY RAKU".  Click on the Visa/ Mastercard logo, which will take you to the PayPal checkout center. PayPal will notify us and your order will be emailed to you today!  You'll be able to download, save, and print out the complete illustrated eManual.  You'll have access to an international supplier's list and a materials checklist.  The materials you will need are easy to find and your total costs will be way under anything commercially available, I promise you!  Usually about $50.00 or under!

During the process of building your kiln, most any questions you come up with will be personally attended to by me, Frank Colson.  Since I wrote, patented, and published all this info, I am the most qualified person in the world to answer your questions about any of these eManuals!

 And remember, there are other kiln plans coming soon! The updraft catenary kiln, the downdraft, the Roman-arch kiln, the Suspension drum kiln and even a production kiln with double car beds!

So, Ignite now! If you're just blasting a one nighter on the beach with smoke & fire, or cookin' out daily with copper carb and slip, you can't be without Rocky Raku.